Sunday, March 14, 2010

Our "do nothing" Day

I have gotten to the point where I look forward to Sunday's more than almost any other day of the week. Its the one day that we get to hang out at home or with family and I don't have to feel bad about not cleaning and being lazy. I love that we are never rushed and we can just take it easy and play together. Our new tradition, as the weather gets warmer, is to take walks around our neighborhood. Sometimes we visit Justin's brother, his wife and their son (who is just three months younger than our Sammy) and other times we find ourselves walking along the Logan River Walk just a block down the street. Its great to get out!

I am amazed at how time has flown by recently. I guess time seems to pass us by a little bit faster when we are busy, but I can't believe my Sammy is almost eight months old. He is doing so many exciting things right now, and everyday he comes up with something new. I love being a mom and watching him grow and learn and take every single thing in. Some new things in the past little while:

Sammy loves the solid foods! His favorites are sweet potatos, peaches, avacado, green beans, and the occasional cracker

Sammy now weighs well over 20 lbs. He was 19.8 lbs at his 6 month appointment, and when he was sick a few weeks ago he was 20.5 lbs. That means time for a new carseat. Mom just needs to decided which one..
He rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls and rolls. He loves it!

Sammy has a tooth! We noticed it last Saturday. One of his front bottom teeth finally came in, and I think he is working on one up top too.

Besides a couple nights when he was sick, he is now sleeping through the night. It is great!

Have you seen the hair? Its just like Justin's- curley! The faux hawk is our new favorite thing!

Sammy is so curious. He has his hands on anything and everything, and more often than not it ends up in his mouth.

He has also become a pro at finding his binki and putting it in his mouth by himself.

We are so proud of our Sammy and love watching him grow and grow and grow! Everyday is a new adventure and I love every single minute of it!